Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Just some more pages from the bi-weekly life sessions. Its enough to keep the hand from crampin up around the PC.
...Well... I was having an 'off day' today. -_-
Maybe it was the excess coffee... or 9 hours of animation... or having the theme from happy days drilled into my head...
Regardless, I was getting frustrated.
And then I remembered college.

This photo was taken at my parents house sometime after school. I took an evening to "clean out" all the life drawing I did over my years in sheridan state penn... .i.. er.. uh... mean. college. :).
Flipping through the old pads, to see if there were any little bits of drawing that I liked and wanted to keep, I was amazed at the volume of complete and utter garbage.
And im sure your giggling at the towering "stack of suck" (on the left), compared to the minimal "sliver of half decency" (right).
It was crazy to see the difference in my drawing skill, and how it had evolved over the years. It also reminded me of all the great teachers that influenced and guided me. And it sure re-inforced the idea that an artist will never stop learning: and that it takes heap of crappy drawings, and 'off days' to climb that ladder.
.....still climbing..... :)


Andre Barnwell said...

True. People will never stop learning. From baby, to teen, to adult, to parent , and to grandparent. Life's great that way.l

R.Dress said...

Wow these figure drawings are dynamite! I love the camper posted below.

Andrew Murray said...

haha, thats awesome.

Alexis said...

hhaaah i totally sympathize, i had to do a clean out recently and it was partly interesting and partly demoralizing.