Saturday, August 08, 2009


So here it is.. well... as done as its going to be.
I was starting to feel that the more strokes I put down, the worse it was looking. I'm still trying to grasp this whole painting deeley, I think my head is still locked into "animation" mode.
However, I did learn a lot in doing this painting!
Hope you like it.

Ps: If any one knows of any good painting tutourials, send em my way :)


winchester said...

Nice illustration Evan.
I love the characters and the composition. As far as tutorials go if you can afford it you cant get much better then Bobby Chiu's Schoolism digital painting course.

BTW-we have a mutual friend. I believe you know Perry. Him and I sat together at Sheridan.

Keep at the painting. Its lookin sweet.

Edo Avenir said...

hey evan, nice monster character! Looks like he'd be fun to animate. Here are some painting step by steps that I saved off Deviantart before, you might hv seen them before. They're not the most informative things ever but you could learn something from the artists' paintings in their galleries. The last link belongs to janaschi and she's an insane digital painter!

Evan Bonifacio said...

Wow! Thanks for those links Edo! Ya that last one by Janaschi is insaaane, Im dumb founded by painting skills like that.

I guess just like anything I takes study time and practice.

One day... (lol)

michael robertson said...

great piece-really nice atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

I really like your work. I also struggle with digital paintings. I think the only thing that seems to bother me in this piece is the scale of the trees next to the house. They are epic sized trees.

Good stuff though.