Thursday, November 12, 2009



Been a while eh?

Ive been busy working away on a short film for the 'Cartoon Smart Toon Boom Animation contest'.

It was a really fun break to potentially win some animation software. But alas I had the bright idea to step a bit outside the contest boundaries and made a short film that was a little to far away from the style they were asking for. So I didn't win :P.

But I still would like to share the short with y'all.

Wamano from Evan Bonifaico on Vimeo.

Hope you like it :).

Ps: here are the other entries.


[B]ehram said...

that's an awesome piece man, how long did this take you?
Love how you animated to the beat. Shame it didn't follow all the rules, but it won in my books.

Garrett Hanna said...

Amazing dude. I love it everytime I watch it.

Evan Bonifacio said...

Behram- Thanks man, happy you liked it! :).

I did this in my evenings and weekends for about a month and a half. In total I'll say it took me about 150 hours, give r take.

Garrett- lol good to know it does the trick more than once :)

Andre Barnwell said...

no comment :|

Daniel Chou said...

I'd like one, do you accept financing plans for Wamano?

Thumbs up

Linton Joseph said...


bathmate said...

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alexandre said...

Haha that was sweet dude. Nice to see you cracking some amazing animation still. It's something you do really well bra.

Matthew Kalinauskas said...

That was cool man, I just saw it. The timing and shot selection were really good!