Saturday, July 25, 2009

Turbo Lax!

Heres a little snippit of a painting I'm planning to finish. (for real this time!.... no seriously, stop laughing).The lower image was my warm up sketch for today.
Working at Starz has been pretty hectic, which is the reason for a lack of posts over the past months... among other things (girlfriend, keeping fit, video games, drinking with my buddies, racketeering, assasination attempts, sacrificial cerimonies..... ) busy, busy, busy!
So to whoever still comes around here to huff the dust and cobwebs off my blog page:
Stay Tuned! :)


Nicole said...

tuned in.

Chels said...

You work for Starz?!

Isn't that the company that hosts those 30-second videos of animated bunnies re-enacting hit movies?